Lighthouse Baptist Church

A lighthouse sends a vital signal to the ships at sea, warning them of imminent danger if their course is not redirected. Spiritually, the souls of men need a similar lighthouse for their course of life. Lighthouse Baptist Church in Naygkanizsa, Hungary, seeks to shine forth the word of life, redirecting the courses of human lives with the eternal truth of Salvation through Christ alone.

Burdened with the need for more spiritual lighthouses in their home country, Gedeon Olah and his family surrendered to full-time church Olah, 2011-08planting ministry in 1997. Years prior to this, the Olah family had visited Yolanda’s sister in Michigan. There they came in contact with Dr. David Cummins, the pastor of Faith Baptist Church, Warren, MI, at the time. God had a plan, for when Dr. Cummins became the deputation director for Baptist World Mission he recommended this family to Jim Knies who had been led of God to begin a pioneer missionary work in the newly opened country of Hungary.  In 1995, the Olah family moved from eastern Hungary to Pecs, southern Hungary to join the Knies family in starting a church. Together the Knieses and Olahs evangelized the lost and discipled new believers. In 2007 it became clear that it was time for the Olahs to leave Pecs and begin a new work in Nagykanizsa, about 2 hours northwest. Lighthouse Baptist Church held its first services in 2008, and the church was chartered two years later.

Today, Lighthouse Baptist is growing, and families are being transformed by the power of God. Gedeon and Yoli have strong fundamental Baptist convictions and are at the same time full of faith and dependent on the Holy Spirit. Pastor Gedeon is one of the few nationals in Europe who is pastoring independent, fundamental Baptist churches. The Olahs have a burden to see their own church grow and other churches planted throughout Western Hungary. In expectation of what God will do in Hungary, the Olah’s two oldest children, Ramona and David, are preparing for ministry at a Baptist College in the U.S. Praise God for what He is doing!

Olah and Frueh, 2013
Gedeon, Yolanda, Peter, Hannah, Sarah, Mike